The realization of people in remote islands as healthy, happy, and affluent in a clean, healthy, and sustainable environment as a manifestation of social justice for all Indonesian people.


  1. Proactively perform basic and specialist health services with local medical and paramedic colleagues for people on remote islands.
  2. Encourage and support the development of a maritime-based health system in the province / regency islands by jointly carrying out the Marine and Health Services (Sailing Medical Service) independently and sustainably
  3. Conduct research and applicative works that lead to improving the quality of human life.


  1. Carry out basic and specialist health services for the people on border islands
  2. Support efforts to improve the health of the maritime community.
  3. Conduct research in the field of public health.


Secretariat of the Alumni Association of the Faculty of Medicine, Airlangga University
Jl. Prof. Dr. Moestopo 47 Surabaya, 60131 – Indonesia


  1. Produce alternatives and breakthroughs in health services in remote areas in order to strengthen the national health development system.
  2. The establishment of the pioneering activities and organization of the Floating Hospital.