Organizing health services

  1. Basic health services
    Basic health services include:
    • General examination and treatment
    • Dental and oral health services
  2. Proactive Referral Health Services
    1. Surgical Health Services include: Hernia surgery, Cleft Lip, Tumor, Struma, Prostate, Keloid, Hemorrhoids, Vasectomy, etc.
    2. Eye Disease Health Services include: Cataract, Pterygium, etc.
    3. Obstetrics and Gynecological Health Services include: Screening of High-Risk Pregnant Women, Cysts, Myoma, Tubectomy
    4. Internal Medicine Health Services
    5. Paediatrics Health Services

Providing moral support and medical technical support to medical colleagues and paramedics
who served on remote islands

  1. Providing TeleKonsul application (with the Central Hospital of Dr. Soetomo Hospital Surabaya)
  2. Training, among others (together with the District Health Office / District):
    1. Basic surgical skills courses
    2. Nursing course instrument operating room
    3. Course for General Emergency Life Support, BTLS / ATLS, BCLS / ACLS
    4. Basic obstetric USG course
    5. Technical guidance on Puskesmas programs in the management of HIV / AIDS cases, Tuberculosis, Leprosy, Malaria, Filariasis, Hepatitis, other infectious diseases (waterborne disease), etc. according to basic local problems.

Primary research and resuscitation


Building basic data on the health of the maritime community  identification of urgent problems  resuscitation of 100 days  material for definitive planning of development in the health sector (with reference to basic data)

  1. Screening for high-risk pregnant women  training and monitoring  referral mode
  2. Screening of growth and development status (child nutrition), availability of healthy food ingredients  recovery of malnutrition  organic farming
  3. Immunization screening  support for immunization and cold chain stabilization
  4. Screening KB membership  family planning services
  5. Survey of availability of drinking water and ease of reach  sanitation of drinking water, protection and restoration of springs (among others by planting quality fruit trees, construction of infiltration ponds and biopores)
  6. Hygiene and sanitation survey
  7. Defecation pattern (family toilet survey)  pilot toilet construction
  8. Waste / waste management  demonstration of waste and domestic waste management
  9. Survey of potential drugs from local plants and from the ocean floor
  10. Marine conservation to support sustainable development
    • Promotion and education to prevent illegal, unreported, unregulated, and destructive fishing
    • Restoration / transplantation of coral reefs to ensure fish availability.
  11. Survey of economic potential, constraints, and solutions  Promote productive economy based on entrepreneurship among young people and mothers, among others, by assisting in the identification of local economic potential, increasing added value of local products, opening and expanding markets, management, and capital support.

Taman Posyandu Plus


  1. Children’s playground complete with a futsal court
  2. Posyandu activity site
  3. Garden reading
  4. A place of relaxation and community interaction
  5. A place for citizen art performances and other educational promotive activities
  6. A place to discuss healthy environment development
  7. Contest places, among others: healthy pregnant women, healthy babies, healthy toddlers, healthy families, healthy homes, healthy RTs, healthy RWs, healthy villages, exemplary posyandu, exemplary posyandu cadres, etc.
  8. Coffee shops, entrepreneurial information centers, business relations, and training places for productive economic activities

Documentary films and health education/promotion

Encyclopedia of Indonesian Border and Outermost Islands